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Why Choose SwitchCryptos

SwitchCryptos has more than 140 coins available for exchange and we do not limit our clients; you can swap as much as you want - account-free, worry-free, faster than light.
Safe & Secure
SwitchCryptos is built and maintained by a team of experienced blockchain developers. And the best part is - we’re completely registration-free! This allows our clients to avoid identification or financial theft.
Instant Exchange
With Us you will always kick into High Gear! All transactions made through our user-friendly interface take under 15 minutes to complete.
Widest Offering
Buy, sell, trade over 140 cryptocurrencies, altcoins and tokens such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) etc.
Honesty and Transparency
You don’t have to worry about picking the best exchange rate anymore. We work with multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchange partners to guarantee the best rates to our customers.
Mobile Friendly
Our website is designed to be Mobile Friendly so that you can swap a wide range of cryptocurrencies from the palm of your hand!
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Fast and Reliable Support
Our team of highly motivated and Super-friendly experts will help you with all transactions across any of our supported cryptocurrency exchanges.
General questions
A wallet is a digital place where you can store cryptocurrency coins and tokens. A wallet address is a randomly generated combination of digits and letters that is associated with a particular wallet.
SwitchCryptos does not provide wallet addresses and never stores user deposits. To exchange cryptocurrencies on SwitchCryptos, you need to provide a previously-existing wallet address where you can receive your exchanged currency.
Just figure out what coin you want to buy and look for a stable compatible wallet. As a rule, each coin has its official wallet client.
Note that each wallet has its unique address or a tag with a private key that is required to restore your wallet if you lose it. SwitchCryptos will never asks for your private keys. Store them in a safe place and never show them to anyone. If your private keys are stolen, your wallet and all your coins will be lost forever.
In any transaction there is always a sender and a recipient. The recipient’s address is the wallet address where you will receive the currency you buy. For example, if you want to buy Ether (ETH), you should specify an ETH wallet address in the recipient field, and SwitchCryptos will send coins to this address once the transaction is complete.
In general, the recipient’s wallet address is a customer's address SwitchCryptos will send coins to once a transaction is complete.
Unfortunately, blockchain transactions are irreversible. Once a transaction is made (money is sent to a particular wallet address), it cannot be rolled back. So, if you are going to exchange cryptocurrency, be sure to double check all payment details carefully before sending.
All transactions take time to be processed (usually 5-30 minutes). Given the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the exchange rate is subject to change during the processing time, which means the final rate may be slightly different from what you expected. This happens because SwitchCryptos doesn’t fix currency rates.
SwitchCryptos transactions take 5-30 minutes to be processed. If a transaction is large (worth over 1 BTC), processing may take longer, depending on the size of your transaction and blockchain capacity.
SwitchCryptos supports most wallets. If your wallet address is recognized as invalid, it is usually for one of the following reasons:
  • Make sure your wallet address matches the chosen cryptocurrency.

  • You haven't updated or synced your BCH ABC wallet with a blockchain yet.

  • There was a typo or character missing in the address you provided. Make sure that the address you specify matches the actual address of your wallet.

As a rule, our transactions take 5-30 minutes to be processed. It your transaction takes longer, this could be due to a variety of factors, including:
  • Blockchain overload. There are many transactions waiting to go through, including yours. This issue occurs on the Bitcoin and Bitcoin-based blockchains. Unfortunately, the only thing to do is wait. SwitchCryptos has no control over a blockchain overload.

  • Coin updates. We may turn off some coins to update a client. This can take some time. You will get your money as soon as we turn it back on. DDoS attacks. Every platform is subject to such attacks. Unfortunately, in this case the only thing to do is wait it out.

There are several reasons this might be happening:

  • The transaction hasn't been included in a block. Cryptocurrencies aren't stable, so minor errors sometimes occur. If this happens, we will either refund you your money or push the payment through if you can provide the hash (a tx ID) of your transaction.

  • ETC and ETH confusion. The addresses of Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) have the same structure. If you send ETC or ETH, make sure that you've selected the appropriate transaction type on SwitchCryptos. For example, if you create an ETH to BTC transaction, make sure that you send ETH, not ETC. Otherwise your transaction will get stuck.

  • Wrong or missing XEM message. While sending XEM, make sure that you've put the correct message. It's indicated here and looks like a combination of digits and letters. Messages like 'Hey how are you’, or ‘I love SwitchCryptos' are lovely but won’t work, unfortunately.

  • In case you indicated or forgot to put the valid destination tag for XRP or the valid memo for EOS/Stellar, the transaction won't be processed automatically and you'll have to contact our support team in order for your transaction to be either pushed or refunded manually.

  • Other internal errors. Even our well-made system can experience lag or other internal issues. If you think this may be the case, please report it to [email protected]
SwitchCryptos doesn’t have set amount restrictions. However, there are some cases when a minimum amount applies:
If an amount is very low, make sure that it will cover all costs required by a blockchain. This means that the amount you are going to send and the amount you are going to receive should be enough to cover input and output network fees taken by a blockchain.
In the DASH, DOGE or other Bitcoin based blockchains, you may see the status of your transaction as ‘Not yet redeemed’. It means that your transaction is complete, but it hasn't been used as input for another transaction. In other words, your coins are received, but you haven’t spent it yet. You need to update and sync your wallet in order to see the coins reflected in your wallet.
All wallet addresses (including memos, destination tags and messages) provided by SwitchCryptos are reusable and tied to your recipient address. You can send multiple amount of coins to the address generated before without creating a new transaction on SwitchCryptos. In this case, your coins sent will be automatically exchanged to the same currency and sent to the same wallet address. You can send multiple amount of coins to the address generated before without creating a new transaction on SwitchCryptos. In this case, your coins sent will be automatically exchanged to the same currency and sent to the same wallet address.
A hard fork is a mandatory blockchain update that conflicts with the older version. In other words, you cannot use the currency anymore unless you haven’t upgraded the client. The reason of a hard fork can be fixes for a major bug or blockchain improvements. Hard forks should be supported by all members of the crypto community, otherwise it can lead to blockchain replication.
A memo is a combination of digits and letters required to assign Stellar to a certain Stellar wallet user. Memos are used in Stellar and EOS wallets and indicated right here. In wallet, a memo should look like this.

A destination tag is a short complementary combination of characters required for certain XRP wallets. When buying XRP, make sure that you have specified a destination tag, if required. Likewise, when you send XRP to us, do not forget to include the destination tag, provided near the address you should send to.

A message is an additional tag that is obligatory for certain XEM wallets. When you send or receive XEM, make sure that you input a message if required. Basically, the message should look like this:

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